Nanofoam. It’s a unique material with an unfamiliar feel which takes some getting used to. Let’s play and get acquainted.

We’ve created four six-second videos that step you through a few experiments to play with and try out. Please view (click on images) in order.

The interaction itself involves a press. Pressing the pads against flat surfaces collapses air pockets forcing air out of said pockets creating a vacuum leading to suction.

The harder the press the stronger the grip. (True because it engages more air pockets).

1) The horizontal force accompanying the press of the tablet against the stand requires that the stand be firmly mounted to the table. Take a moment to get a feel for differences in grip strength based on varying how hard you press Slope to the table's surface.

First, set Slope down lightly on the surface, and lift. Second time around press firmly, and pull up. (You'll note the dramatic difference in sound).

2) Anchor Slope firmly to table. Lean the tablet gently against Slope’s front face, press lightly. Pull it away. Note grip strength. Repeat, but this time give it two bounces (presses bending the aluminum). Pull it away. Feel the difference.

3) Now that you have a feel for effective grip, press and pull at a variety of angles.

4) Dust. It will accumulate, and you will need to remove it as it does reduce grip strength with the pads. Think of it as cleaning pores of the skin. Dampen the supplied towel (or any other of your liking) and wipe the surface clean. Then let dry. Very simple.

We tend to do this once or twice a week. Mileage may vary (depending on dust in your environment).

Bear in mind is you’re pressing air out of air pockets. It isn't like magnets where you place it in the general vicinity and it sucks in place. You do need to press for a firm hold.

When not in use, it's a good idea to cover the pads with the protective covers. This serves to protect from nicking and scratching and block dust.

Temperature: It's important to know nanofoam is designed for use in moderate temperatures (indoor use). It melts in hotter temperatures (100°F/38C+, give or take). What does that mean? It means keep Slope out of hot cars. Also avoid leaving Slope in direct sunlight near windows.

On the flip side, cooler temperatures won't cause damage but can lead to reduced grip strength. If you're pulling Slope out of a cold bag, allow it to warm for maximum grip.

That's it. Have fun and let us know what you think!